When anyone asks how my meeting was, I answer that very, very interesting. It has been a real pleasure to work hard on what we share. It gives you an enormous PUSH and makes each of us stronger on our goals. These annual meetings are absolutely re-encouraging. This something that we all say after our sunday celebrations. If it wasn´t with the strength of the community, we would probably go into slow motion.  We all need to feel that others share the same aims and that we are not alone on this journey to the "Kingdom of God".

Thanks for a very spiritual meeting,


On Saturday afternoon we were invited to visit the Dachau Concentration Camp with is now a memorial.   Some thought this might be too distressing for them so spent the afternoon in the ancient town of Dachau.   In the early evening we all visited Dachau castle and then were welcomed to the church.   The photograph below was taken on the steps of the church before entering and shows some of those who are attending the Conference


We were very privileged to have Prof. Dr Heribert Franz Köck with us during the conference from Friday until Saturday afternoon.  This meant  that we were able to engage in informal discussion with him and benefit from his wealth of knowledge of his subject.

The subject of the study day was

Freedom of the Church, religious freedom of the individual and the value systemof the EU.  Who is protecting whom from whom?   (DE - EN - FR - ES)

Renate Bauer and Sylvia Mattdeldt-Kloth joined Prof Dr Köck for a question and answer session where experiences from across Europe were shared.